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I was out and about around downtown yesterday, walking around with my camera hanging on my shoulder. I met up with Jeremiah after to grab a quick dinner at our new favorite Japanese Ricebowl restaurant and then lounged at Starbucks for some random talk and planning. We passed by USED, a vintage store along Granville St. and I happened to pick up these two things.

The scarf will most likely be used as a pocketsquare, and the sunglasses is an alternative for my RayBan Wayfarer. I’ve been planning to invest on an original RayBan ClubMaster for awhile now but realistically, I don’t have $200 to shell out on a piece of accessory at the moment so I’m settling for this ones for $20 until I have the money to afford it.

Multi-colored geometrically patterned scarf

2 thoughts on “Impulsive

  1. They have two pairs of different colours at the Aldo Liquidation! go check it out.
    Last time I was there.. they were having an additional % off.

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