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I don’t even know how to start with this blog post, but I was extremely excited when I found out that my blog was featured on Style.it, the Italian counterpart of Style.com.

The same article was also featured on Yahoo.it.

I mean it might not be a big achievement compare to many accomplished bloggers but I have to admit, it is major for me and it is one step closer to GQ, VMAN, and VOGUE.

I have resorted to the power of Google translate but unfortunately, the translation is a bit piece-y and not really making a lot of sense. If any of my lovely followers can read/speak Italian fluently, please help me with the translation as I would love to have the translated article posted on this entry.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “I’m on Style.it / Yahoo.it

  1. this is the translation:

    “I think he’s a genius: kenneth M’c
    Licon. I can imagine it as a mini character who jumps everywhere. I
    study your site, Littlefashionisto, I look at his appearance, from the
    one with the mother’s pajama pants to the shirt put on the other hand,
    until I find the video section. I think I fell off the chair (do not
    know why I think I passed out). Look around the fifth minute and a half
    of one of his videos. Random jumps for a few seconds. This is really



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