I made my first video-blog

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I still can’t get over the awkwardness of talking to the air, although I tend to always talk to myself, it’s still pretty weird doing it. How do Youtube stars do it so natural.. I guess i have some learning to do. I thought i did good midway through ’till the end, I did feel a bit more comfortable compare to the beginning… Anyways, I will be continuing the Youtube-ing, and I’m planning to upload a video of my recent salon trip… Getting my hair done! exciting!!!

7 thoughts on “I made my first video-blog

  1. Ah, there are so many awkward video blogs out there, but I thinks yours was very interesting! Love your trench, by the way.

  2. Have a margarita every time you blog. Call it the “Margarita Minute” and pack everything you want to say into a compact minute.

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