How to know when you need a haircut.

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I have been trying to get a hair appointment with my hairstylist for 2 weeks now, and until now I’m still not booked. See these are the things you have to deal with too during holidays. Expect delays and lots of waiting unless you are some kind of VIP then maybe, some angel will just put on the list first — but we’re talking reality here.

I guess it’s the fact that I am scheduled to work more this holiday too, and I only have 2 day offs, and 1 day landed on the day when my stylist don’t work, so technically I only have a day to get booked with him which is very frustrating — so I decided to share this agony to my readers and make a post about it. Here’s how to know when you need a haircut.

  • When almost all your friends are telling you to go and get one
  • When your daily hair routine takes 2x longer than normal
  • When your putting more hair products and your hair is still unmanageable
  • If you need to clip your hair at home because it’s all over your face

Luckily, there are few solutions; when my hair grows into a big mess, it’s time to make use of all those head wear collection. Wear your top hat, toque, fedoras, turban etc. Work around it, my only concern sometimes is that — there are many looks I go for that would require a certain hairstyle, and of course you can’t really do that so save those inspirations and looks for now, and do them when you have your hair trimmed and neatly polished but for now, take that messy hair and snap a shot of it in your bathroom mirror.