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Just to quickly summarize what I’ve gone through within the past few weeks, which explains why I have gone M.I.A. lately. I’ve been through a roller coaster ride, lots of good things happened and of course, bad and horrible things. Few things remain constant, such as my busy work schedule, internship, and catching up with friends over a cafe or a latte.

I did few exciting things; finished few interviews and featuring, which will come out pretty soon (I’ll make sure to keep you all posted). Gained few friends, attended few events, bought new things, moved back to my parents – that’s right, I no longer live downtown.
Aside from all that, I also met a boy, dated, had a great time — then got my heart broken (I shall elaborate on this on another post). It’s true, sometimes it’s lesson learned, but sometime it’s a heartache, a great heartache. I don’t think I’ve ever felt THAT DEVASTATED ever, but well, for someone who still has a perfect image and idea of what LOVE and fairytale is — it was hard to accept that I am not Cinderella, and I don’t own a glass shoes, and there’s no prince.

School has also finally ended, and I am now looking into many different options of what to do in the next few months. I want to move away from Vancouver, I want to see what the other options are for me out there. I am very afraid of getting stuck in a box, and will be doing the same thing over and over with very little progress. I want to fly where no one can touch me. I want to see the world from a different prospective, way different from what I’ve seen it before.

Part of me avoiding to write personal entries is the fact that my friends/relatives have already caught onto reading my blog, and as much as I want to separate littleFashionisto from M’c kenneth, I don’t think I can still do that in the future (blocking their IP is an option) so from now, I’ll just try and embrace both persona.

Thank you to all my followers, and to everyone out there who are continuously getting inspired by my works, I love you all and I appreciate all the comments, emails, and feedback I get every morning when I open my email.

<3 lots, LittleFashionisto

3 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I was the first to arrive here, ha ha, I read your blog, you came to China macau is? Then you will enjoy play, as for you, think of a rush is good rushed outside, I also want to free, I hope you can do it… I’d like to ask you a question? I love your clothes? You are in a shop? I hope you can give me some stores url good, (* ^ ^ *) __

  2. You seem like a really nice person. Hold on to that faith and ideal notion of love! Its a terrible cliche but I’m sure there’s that special someone for you out there! PS. your legs look amazing in shorts haha

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