Heartbreak Warfare

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Don’t worry, this is nothing to do with me getting my heart broken (again) it’s just the title of this song I’ve been looping on my ipod lately by John Mayer

Valentines is coming up again, and as much as I try not to remember it, it’s everywhere (damn marketing). I’m still in search of that right guy, but I guess I’ve just way too busy lately and no time to deal with it. I don’t even know when I’m going to ever have time to meet anyone at all — life is crazy for me at the moment; with school almost finishing, finding an intern, working on fashion related projects,getting this blog up and going, it can get pretty demanding, BUT I love every bit of it. I love waking up to random emails from my followers — I love knowing that somewhere out there, I am inspiring someone, it’s very rewarding.

JUST SOME MINOR UPDATES: I have been in contact with few personalities in the (fashion) industry, did few interviews here and there — minor featuring coming up which I am very excited about. School is pretty crazy lately, I’m almost done with my program so onto the next step, which is finding the right intern, then a job after — my initial plan to intern in New York is blasted, and I realized it is smarter to find a job here first, earn a bit of $$$ then move to New York after with sufficient funds to sustain the (rather-not-so-affordable) living there. I have gotten few fashion invites here and there, store opening, product launching, a proposed styling job, and a collection showroom invites but then again, I’m slightly still grounded to Vancouver at the moment, but if the right offer/opportunity comes, I’m packing my bag, and flying pronto!

On the other hand, I am dropping my story about Starbucks guy (remember him from here, here, and here).
Let’s just say either,
A: He is straight
B: He didn’t get to read my post
C: He read my post but not really interested

either way, I still get to see him, and I’ll try and act like all these never happened. It’s a good thing I never asked his name.

6 thoughts on “Heartbreak Warfare

  1. @Cate, ahah. I’m not really sure about that yet, but it’s alright.
    Thanks Cate.

  2. @admin, well regardless i’m rooting for you. i’m currently obsessed with the guy who works in the subway across the street from my apartment. i know how you feel.

  3. @Cate, it’s mainly that thing about them working, and it’s such an awkward thing to bring up and *non work* conversation — at the same, they try to be professional. sigh. let me know how ur Subway guy story goes =D

  4. 🙁
    Whichever it is, A, B, or C, that just sucks. There’s still more out there. Still, I’m going through the same thing, but mine lives right down the hallway, which makes everything a lot more confusing. :/

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