Hangover; PaulSmith summer/spring 09

- Style

enthic and various types of bone-necklaces we’re used to add a stronger appeal to the looks presented in this collection; few pieces worn together to emphasize rawness and a strength. Even the hair and make up had that sort of “messy-and-tough-but-well-put-together” theme.

although the tucked-in-tie-look has been seen on the runway couple of times within the past years, Paul Smith did a classic yet edgier shot in adopting this way of accessorizing, with silky materials and intricate prints.

easy, weak, pale and light color palettes were used to support the stronger and louder vibrant ones; balancing the whole outfit.

most of the garment in this collection were kept wrinkled for an added lazy-yet-chic look

rolled up dress pants and suede loafer we’re paired up together to create a casual-yet-dressy look

HAVING ALL THAT elements in mind, I tried recreating the looks using things I already own (for i can’t do no shopping AT ALL)

the paisley shirt was from last season ago, belt from last summer, the silk tie was self-made, the necklace is my sis’ and my own blazer, skinny jeans and suede loafer.

The messy hair, the dark under eye, and the mustache. (I don’t have any facial hair so I HAD TO FAKE IT)

I believe i was overdressed for a very unplanned night out. There’s goes my Paul Smith inspired outfit, sweeping the floor as i crawl my way to the bathroom the next morning; tie still tucked in, unbuttoned shirt, and an even messier hair, puking out 3 DOUBLE margaritas and a rasletini (sp?)

PS. Thanks Jonas and Adrea for taking me out, Karl U have a nice place — i love ur sofa, and Yasmin.. HELLO — funny how we didn’t kick each other in the face.

Kam and Rox when r we goin out? lol.