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I was on my way home from work (intern) tonight when all of a sudden, I was approached by a random middle aged gentleman. We have been exchanging awkward glances at each other the whole train ride, and I couldn’t quite point out what was up.

As I was getting off the train, I could see him talking to me but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying. I pulled my headphones out of my ears and tried to talk to him — he said “Nice outfit you got there, very British”

I was in retro-patterned button up shirt, emerald green cotton-silk Vneck sweater, plaid trousers, and oxford shoes. I said “Thank You” and after that, I didn’t know what else to say. He started conversing asking if I was in Fashion School, I said I’m not but I’m interning for an interactive media firm. I went on talking about intern and my blog, then he responded — Are you into older guys at all?

I was speechless, and I turned around — I didn’t know what to say or how to react. I found it slightly creepy so I just turned my head back at him and told him “Have a great night” then walked away.

As I was walking home, I couldn’t just shake off what just happened. The more I think about it, the more I feel bad about what I did and how I responded. What if he’s just genuinely trying his luck, not in a creepy way. After all, it takes a lot of guts to come up to a complete stranger and blurt out what he just did, and I admire that courage — something I can’t do myself.

I could see in his eyes that he wanted to say something right from that moment we both got on the train, but contemplating and just waiting for the right moment to do so. Now I feel like a total dumb ass running away from such situation and totally shutting him off. Mind you, it’s not everyday I get ask questions like that/nor I get hit on by anyone, so when it happened, I didn’t know how to react.

I didn’t mean to seem like a big snob, nor a total freak. I could’ve handled the situation better but I got creeped out and ran away, trust me, I felt really bad after. It feels like I just crushed a soul tonight.

8 thoughts on “Guy on the skytrain

  1. JOKES!!! OMDior, totally would have been in the same boat. awh.

  2. Wow. This is something I’ve always fantasized/dreamt/hoped could happen to me.
    Though I bet I would’ve freaked out as well!

    Anyway, there’s a chance he might take that train ride as a routine so,
    hopefully you might meet him again and in that case handle the situation in a better way.

  3. As creeped out as you were, was it an ego boost to appear desirable in another’s eyes? 😀

    Next time, you could smile and say, “Thank you so much; but No.” Or maybe, “You’ve totally made my day; but I already have a boyfriend and he makes awesome Starbucks coffee.”

    You shouldn’t feel bad, going after younger guys/girls have its consequences. He knew what he was getting into when he asked you that. Beside, you weren’t being very disrespectful. Nothing to feel bad about.

  4. What about Starbucks guy? Have you ever seen him again?

    Sorry if I’m being invasive, it’s just that I’m overly romantic about people meeting in unusual situations and being together.

  5. @Daniel, I haven’t seen him in awhile actually. I don’t stop by there anymore because we just make our coffee at my intern, I guess I’m just closing that story now. Thanks for asking tho

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