Good boy

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Tweed Fedora Hat, Modern Amusement
Leather bow tie, OAK + FORT
Gingham Shirt, Zara Man
Shawl collared sweater, H&M
Dark Denim Jeans, Zara kids
Stripped socks, H&M
Blood Red Brogues, Joe Fresh

I was lining up at the bank the other day wearing this outfit. This girl in her mid 20s were sitting down on the couch just just across the room. Her husband/Fiance/Boyfriend was a bit ahead of me on the line. She started calling for her husband’s attention and pointed me out to him, and then she made the “oh-look-at-him-isn’t-he-so-adorable” face. You know, those “aweee” moment because she thought I was a little boy, dressed up like that!

I found it very funny because I might even be older than her, but I can’t blame her. That’s what happens when you’re 5 foot tall and wearing kids’ jeans and sweater.

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