Gentleman’s Dilemma

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Here’s my entry for SEBASTIAN + LOOKBOOK.NU contest called “RE-SHAPE YOUR HAIR IN 2 WAYS AND WIN!”

Here’s you can see two ways, not only to style your hair, but also to accessorize. Pompadour volumized and hairsprayed OR a flat side-parted-combed with sleek shine. Handkerchief used as pocket square — OR handkerchief tied as a bow tie.

A stack of belts (4belts) wrapped around my waist as a cumberban.

For this look, you see ‘clasic-old-gentleman’ but I tweaked some of the elements modernizing the whole look. I also made a video tutorial of how to do both hairstyle.. and how to tie your hanky to a bow tie (it will be posted on my here soon)

3 thoughts on “Gentleman’s Dilemma

  1. love the look (: can wait for you to upload the video tutorial! always wanted to know how to tie your hanky to a bow tie!

  2. Hey MC 🙂

    Would love to see the video tutorial on how to tie a hanky into a bowtie. Was wondering when it was going to be put up?? We’ve been waiting soo long to learn from your genius :p

    Thankyou soo much..

    Keep it up. Love your looks…

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