French Cake Madeline.

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I saw him again the other day. He didn’t make my coffee but he went on again with his ‘usual small chats.’ He asked me about my Holiday, I told him it was alright I got to see my family and spend time with them. I asked how was his, he said his family left him just on time for Christmas (unfortunate I know). I was gonna finally ask his name but a good friend were there too and noticed me so she said hi and started talking to me. I couldn’t stay for very long so I said my goodbye, I wanted to say my thank you and ‘see yah later’ to him but he was busy and I didn’t know how to grab his attention (I still don’t know his name), I thought it would be rude to just call him Starbucks guy (which reminds me, they don’t wear name tag, or do they?). Either way, he never cease to make me smile.

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  1. ^^doesn’t seem like he saw your post… or he wants to make you feel nervous XP
    sooooo cutee

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