First Day at Capilano

- Style


so the first day wasn’t too bad… met a couple of nice people and some familiar faces from my High School. The school put up a Welcome Event almost like a carnival, summer fair only in a very low and tight budget. As I look around, I can’t help but notice how Post Secondary is so similar to High School… maybe that’s just my impression; there’s the cool crew… the jocks and the hot girls… then there’s the very artistic and almost theatrical group… and there’s the looser crew… and then the loner kid who sits in the corner and doesn’t interact at all… I swear I’ve seen this scenario before.

The long line up after line ups we’re horrible though. Picking up school gadgets, paying fees, and the LONGEST line up of the day; picking up U-PASS and CAP-CARD which literally takes an average of 2hours.

Overall it wasn’t too bad. I get to realize that CAPILANO UNIVERSITY has more to offer than I initially expected, and that the campus isn’t as bad as it looks like in the beginning; although it IS still very confusing to me… and I’m still terrified that a bear can always show up out of no wear to attack me!