Finger waves and Gold Leaf

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I did an editorial shoot today with one of my ever fabulous bestfriend, Mickelli. This time it was a collaborative shoot where I was mainly focused in modeling the clothes. Mickeli did the styling, Kriza as the photographer, and my room mate Char for the hair and make up, studio courtesy of Whitebox Studio.

It was a totally different experience for me because I usually do my shoot alone, with my own photography, styling, and the whole creative vision. This time, I had to work with someone else’s creative vision — I basically had a team helping me out and can I just say — that it’s by far, the closest thing I’ve done to a real photoshoot.

The concept was a HYBRID of man/woman — boy in heels, wedges, lace, dresses and just crazy garments. I guess I struggled to do “manly” poses — and most of the movement shots I did was very feminine. I don’t know but most of the behind the scene and photo shoot documentary I’ve seen are all of a female model (ANTM, duh!) and I guess that’s where I picked up the feminine movements and poses.

It really helped to have a photographer tell you specifically what she wanted, and it helped me grow as an artist as well, hearing from another artist how to sharpen my movements, poses and presence in front of the camera.

I wasn’t so sure about how the hair and make up was gonna turn out, but I trusted Char (and Mickelli) and basically handed everything over to them, after all I was just meant to be the model for the day. I personally don’t see myself playing around with make up anytime soon, it just felt very heavy and unnatural for me. The hair, however, i plan on wearing for fashion events coming up — but then I’d find a lighter way to work with it.

The clothes were amazing, the shoes were insanely gorgeous and you know I wouldn’t expect less from Mickelli. I can’t wait for you guys to see the final products. We all worked our asses off and hopefully it’ll show in the photo. In the meantime, enjoy these photos straight from my iPhone.

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