Finding Vivian Maier

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I love documentary films. It doesn’t even have to be about something I’m initially interested in. If there’s something that would make me interested in a certain subject, present it in a documentary film format and I will sure be all over it!

Finding Vivian Maier is one I’ve been dying to see since I first found out about it. The film is about uncovering a closeted artist, Vivian Maier, who secretly documented life from the early 50s to the late 90s, mostly in New York and Chicago. The film is about piecing her life together, exposing her unseen/undeveloped work — which was found just after her passing, including over 100 thousand negatives, 700 rolls of undeveloped coloured films, 8mm and 16mm movies.

Aside from all the beautiful photos she has taken, her story is very fascinating. It’s almost like a thriller movie, uncovering a mystery of a very private life, lived by one of the most talented and fascinating person. A story that will change (or have already changed) the history of street photography, and photography as a whole. Except of course it is not a movie and it happened in real life, which is even more exciting! I cannot wait to see it!

Finding Vivian Maier will be screening from March 28th to April 7th at The Vancity Theatre.

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  1. Let’s go together let me know and I will come with you. I have always loved documentaries xx

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