Eternal Rhythm:
Prophetik, Hip&Bone, MUUBA, Bustle

- Fashion

As promised, here’s a little review of World Music Fashion Festival 2013 mentioned from my previous blog post.


First up Jeff Garner. Although I’m familiar with Prophetik’s show from seeing previous collections in the past, I did not know what to expect. Garner never fails to put on extravagant shows to compliment his even more extravagant designs. Garner doesn’t shy away his designs to one particular story, mood or feel, because he gives you a full taste of his creative mind. After all, why not give a little if you can give more? This season includes voluminous dresses, gorgeous embellishments, garment in a wide variety of shapes and silhouettes. This mixture of style and references from his clothes creates a beautiful chaos. Garner’s world is magical and it is admirable to get a glimpse of its beauty on the runway.


Building this season’s collection from familiar silhouettes, Montreal based Hip&Bone is everything but basic. Leather detailing, young and cool graphics, clever mix of fabrics, and modern ‘rock and roll’ seem to have been the primary key elements of the collection. Call it a fashion-uniform collection if you please, but it definitely is for me. Hip&Bone offers pieces you will want to wear over and over — essential pieces that will stay in your closet and withstand trends for years to come. Hip&Bone also presented their accessory line with ultra-luscious leather pieces, such as croc-skin duffel bag and palm strapped men-clutch. Expect nothing but superior quality and craftsmanship from Hip&Bone – just ask Kanye West, who is also a fan of Fogelman’s work.


While many are gravitated towards leather for its classic, rough and edgy style, MUUBAA expands this notion by giving more than the basic leatherwear we all adore. Aside from the iconic biker jackets, leather dresses, laser cutouts, textured shorts and cropped leather trousers were amongst the stand out pieces from the show. Although working with leather can be restricting, MUUBAA manages to create feminine silhouettes while providing women with progressive pieces that are versatile and can easily be tailored to anyone’s personal style. Redefining what’s possible with leather, MUUBBA continues to push the boundaries, discovering new innovative and stylish ways to wear leather.


Lights dimmed and an audio excerpt (of what I gathered might have been from a Mexican movie) played in the background. Bustle Clothing explored Mexico in the 60s. The rich and ever so colorful aesthetic of Mexican culture fused with traditional menswear creates a charming collection suited for tropical-fashion-fiestas and corporate meetings alike.

Bright, fresh and festive colors, as well as a wide variety of floral prints were some of the key elements of Bustle Spring/Summer 2014. Bomber jackets, blazers and trousers combo in neon, and wild Mexican floral prints (not to be confused with Hawaiian prints) were definitely a hit in my book. Bustle offers fun and cheeky alternative to menswear dressing, with colors and prints that appeal to both Hombres Y Mujeres — Arriba!