Eros Bendato Scrippolato: Yaletown Park

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Artist : Igor Mitoraj (Poland/Italy)
Location : Yaletown Park
Media : Patinated bronze

Igor Mitoraj, one of the foremost Polish artists and one of a few to have gained international success, creates gigantic figures of ancient gods, heroes, muses and titans, often depicting them as bandaged heroic figures. Long fascinated with the beauty of Greek and Roman sculptures, his work exhibits a contemporary sensitivity, but references back to a lost classical beauty.
Eros Bendato Scrippolato (Eros blindfolded and cracked) is a bronze sculpture made to look like a fragment of an ancient monument to Eros, the god of love. Known as Amor in Latin and Cupid in Roman mythology, Eros is the youngest, most mischievous, and beautiful of the immortal gods. Often portrayed with his arrows, Eros is represented here as blind folded, suggesting that love is blind, and also that Eros victims were randomly selected.
The head with its surface patina, cracked plates and pieces of shattered fragments suggest the destruction of objects and monuments brought on by time. Some suggest that this mutilated head represents a loss of history, myths and of a connection with higher powers; to others it is a criticism of contemporary civilization and a warning against its destructive power.

The Photos below were taken from the inside and in front of the sculpture. We had 2hrs to spare while waiting to check out the loft we’re going to be moving into.
We ended up wandering around Yaletown Park. Being an artistic person myself, I was absolutely amazed by this work of art, and knowing me, I’d definitely be all over it.
Few minutes after and I’m on the roll — doing poses and being a complete fool, I didn’t care.. people will Always look and stare but if you don’t let them get into you, then they can’t (as simple as that)

I also got my friend (soon to be loft-mate) April to roll along with me on this. We manage to produce few good shots and I hope you all like it.

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  1. nice shots c: i wanna visit that place. looks interesting and u even made it sound more inviting.

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