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I know its been a while but here I am again with something for all of you fellow Fashion Savvy out there.

littlefashionisto Wears russian hat from zara, scarf from H&M, blazer by Mickelli couture, belt by zara, sweater – vintage, coton silk sweater & cardigan from zara, light washed jeggings from H&M kids

I was VERY inspired by this editorial styled by Panos Yiapanis for Vman Magazine… featuring Simon Nessman in all D&G clothes.

I really wanted to make my own version inspired by it.. but I figured it’s not wearable at all.. and it would be pushing the boundaries too much if I were to wear it out.. on a normal day — I ALWAYS stand behind all my outfit choices but this one is a little too much for Vancouver (hence, it’s on editorial). But anyways, I still went ahead and did it anyways, did a quick shoot in our building’s garbage room, yes you heard it right.. pretty ghetto but what can I do? At least it doesn’t show in the photo.  I was in the recycled room shooting this. I love the plain walls in there and the lighting isn’t bad either.

3 thoughts on “Editorial

  1. Love it! You have such a unique fashion sense! Simply love how the layers and colours come together.

    Greetings from Singapore!

  2. @Claude, Thanks Claude. I am a fan of you art works =D

  3. WOW. You are seriously wonderful, a true original and I am giving you mad respect. I noticed you at Vancouver Fashion Week…loving it all. Props to you for being your genuine self. I will be watching 😉
    ps. what camera are you using? Shanks.

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