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Here’s a funny story. My mom received my parcel yesterday so she called me at work to let me know. She said a doctor from the US sent me something and she’s wondering who that doctor is and what is it he’s sending. He went on again and read where the parcel is from and told me he knows the name, Doctor Martens.
So I told her, Doc Martens is a brand of shoes and they are sending me a pair to incorporate into my wardrobe. I could not help but laugh for a good 5 minutes as soon as I hang up the phone. My mom is just hilarious sometimes.

Anyways, I was very excited to come home and open the package. I got these 3989 BROGUE SHOES and I can not help but adore them. I will have to say though, I was a bit shocked at how heavy they are in comparison to the shoes I am used to wearing but I am very excited to wear them out.

Special thanks to Micki of Dr. Martens Canada

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  1. these shoes are pretty. i’m quite jealous!

  2. Thats something my mom will do to lol nice shoes cant wait to see them 

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