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My interview with Criativa is now out in the web. However, only bits and parts of the interview were published and since Criativa is a Brazilian magazine, the interview was translated in Portuguese. Here’s the actual script that I sent back to them (together with their questions)

First of all, what is your full name and how old are you? Where do you live?
M’c kenneth Pontanilla Licon, 21 y/o, born and raised in the Philippines then moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was 14.

How and why do you created a blog?
I am currently going to school for Interactive Design, which is all about web and graphics, and with that, is my passion for Fashion. Combining those two passions of mine, my blog, was born.

How would you define your blog?
LittleFashionisto is my alter ego, bolder and stronger M’c Kenneth if I may say. My blog mainly consists of my daily looks, things I find interesting, my styling works, and photography, styling tips, videos, journal entry and an archive of my appearances online. I sometime write personal blog entry in there as well.

Additionally, is intended to be an inspiration for everyone specially the ones who cannot fit off-the-rack clothing. It’s a reminder that fashion has no boundaries and there are always ways to work around your flaws and insecurities. It might be extra work but the paid-off is well worth it. My disadvantages helped me develop unique looks from time to time and in a way, made me stand out.

What are the steps to a successful blog?
I guess the main ingredient is to have a voice. Be different but stay true to yourself. Also stay consistent, love your readers and most of all, love what you do — and keep loving it.

How would you define your style?
My style is fun, colorful, edgy and it speaks my personality. I’m always a very happy and enthusiastic person and my looks/style shows you that. It reflects my mood and inspiration at times, but mostly, it is an extension of who I am as a person.

How do you set up your outfits?
I usually do the fitting the night before. I would check the weather forecast (Vancouver weather is very unpredictable), and then think of what is suitable the next morning, pick an item that I REALLY love to wear the next day and work around it. Sometime it’s completely random. If I didn’t have time to prepare and outfit the night before, I’d wake up earlier the next morning to prepare and do a fitting.

Who or what inspires you to create your outfits?
My style is basically inspired by many things; mostly runway shows, my favorite designer’s collections, vintage, random things. But the biggest inspirations are the people that believe in me, my LookBook fans, my Blog follower… my friends and colleagues, everyone who have supported me and told me to continue what I love to do.

Who shoots?
I do, about 95% of the time. The other 5% is taken by my friends and my forced-sister (she doesn’t like taking photos).

Famous brands or fast fashion?
I love Lanvin, Dior Homme, Givenchy, Etro Milano, Dolce&Gabbana, Paul Smith, Hermes, Burberry, and Galliano – but in reality, all I can afford are Zara kids, H&M kids and old clothes my mom/dad or sis don’t want anymore.

Do you keep or throw away clothes that are no longer trend?
OH NO, I am in no position to do that and I am far way creative to be throwing out-of-trend pieces. I am pretty sure I will wear them again one way or another, either cut off, beaded or dyed.

Are you shopaholic?
No, I don’t think so, but if I was on the standard size (48 shoulder, 30waist and 41shoes) I would TOTALLY BE. Thank God, the fact that I’m tiny prevents me from starving to death and being dead broke.

Do you buy clothes on internet?
I did, and I would still do. Ebay and are awesome for my impulsive online purchases. Okini also has a lot of menswear pieces that I am dying to own.

Being a blogger is your profession?
No its not, at least not at the moment. But we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime time though, it is just my hobby and an outlet for my creative side and also a tool for me to display and showcase my works.

Mexican guys have a unique style?
I wouldn’t say it’s unique BUT they have a VERY distinctive way of putting an outfit together and pulling it off.

How do you define the creations of men’s fashion today?
I guess menswear nowadays is becoming more daring and designers are taking more risk in terms of concepts and inspirations. Menswear are less constricted and aren’t afraid to experiment; hence the man-bag(murse), man-leggings, man-flats and more.

What is the big news of male fashion?
Topman is coming to CANADA. Denim-and-denim is now acceptable, provided that it’s done in the right way (check D&G ss10). Sandals-and-socks combo is now wearable (DiorHomme and Givenchy). Jean Paul Gaultier started a men’s makeup line (not that I’d buy into that).

How do you think the man will dress in the next generations?
When I hear ‘next generations,’ it immediately means futuristic to me, so maybe they will be in METALIC materials, shiny fabrics, with lots of studs and hardware. JK!

I think men will still be dressing the same in the next generation. We will just do another fashion cycle – like how 80s are fully back now in the year 2010. Only it will be ‘modernized’ and twisted a bit, but the original concept will stay the same I believe.

Do you know something about Brazilian fashion?
Honestly, I do not know a lot about Brazilian fashion but when I think of it, I immediately picture great floral dresses and swimwear; big and loud patterns and prints – more of the ready to wear pieces. However, what makes Brazilian fashion very interesting is its people. Brazil is known to be a very multicultural country and that mix of culture and different exposure to fashion, I think, will create a very interesting fashion twist. Unfortunately, I don’t follow womenswear a lot but I stumble upon Melk ZDA, and found out that they use native Brazilian handicraft for their creations, which I think is absolutely stunning and hands down, a very refreshing concept.