Converse x Margiela

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Just few months after Margiela’s collaboration with Swedish fashion retail giant H&M, the high-fashion label just launched another collaboration, this time with THE iconic footwear brand, Converse.

Margiela worked on Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor All Star and the Jack Purcell, with the treatment the brand is very well known for, the white paint treatment.

The sneakers have been dipped in paint, including the outer sole, eyelets and laces. They will be available in Crimson Red, Black, True Navy and exclusive for Margiela – Vintage Sunflower Yellow. As part of the Converse First String Collection, the Converse Maison Martin Margiela sneaker collection will release on September 20th, priced at $200 USD.

I am a big Converse fan, I own few of them. I also really love Margiela and what he does but I doubt I’ll get my hands into a pair of these collaboration pieces. I know, there’s tons of Margiela fans out there who’s ready to wrestle through his/her way owning a pair.

Something is urging to me just pick up a bucket of white paint and just dip my Jack Purcell into it. I guess we’ll see if a DIY project will be necessary.

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  1. Looks really exciting! I like when shoes have got one solid colour, just like they’re dipped in a paint bucket!

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