Commander (video)

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5 thoughts on “Commander (video)

  1. The music is so hot. Would you mind sharing its title and artist?

    Also, I love how you rock “women’s wear” in many of these outfits. Not feminine at all. Just freakin’ cool! I am inspired!

  2. @long, Glad you are inspired.

    the song is called Commander by Kelly Rowland.

  3. @admin,

    Thank you very much Mr. Admin. ^ ^

    Also, I hope you didn’t take my “women’s wear” comment the wrong way. What I meant to say was that you are able to rock pieces that are “designated” as for women. Having had a chance to look through your site and lookbook, I will no longer be able to look at clothes in such a closed-minded manner. You’ve greatly expanded my clothing repertoire and taught me to look for things that “work” with my body.

    Once again, thank you for the song, and thank you for the fashion lesson. I am going to dance now.

  4. @long, oh no. i didn’t take offence at all. I’ve heard this few times before and I am glad I get to inspire my audience. thank you. and hope to see you come by my blog often 😉

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