Come Fly with Me, Let’s take off in the Blue

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I have never been so restless in my life ever as these past few weeks.  I have been out-and-about NON-STOP.   I have been doing well in school in terms of tests and quizzes but the lectures are killing me. I often find myself in class tired and exhausted and not able to focus.  Work however is pretty much killing all my time off-school.  I haven’t been having a goodnight sleep either.

3 thoughts on “Come Fly with Me, Let’s take off in the Blue

  1. Great Look. Love Your Tie, Especially For That It Is Wide Enough.

    Best regards from Poland

  2. Hi, it’s me again (:
    One question for You : how much does your Ray Bans in Canada, inasmuch as in Poland they are bloody expensive?

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