Clover Tie

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I’m not quite sure if this has been done before, but I thought it works, a scarf tied into something that somehow resembles a “clover” — so I’m calling it a clover tie.

I love how that scarf goes so well with the knit sweater, and the micro gingham to break the femininity of the paisley scarf.

6 thoughts on “Clover Tie

  1. I would kill somebody to know how you did tie your tie! Can you please explain how you did this? Just a few hints should be really appreciated. I hope you can find some time!

  2. @Bart, I should make a video tutorial over the holiday. thanks for liking it <3

  3. @admin, Please don’t forget the DIY chrysanthemum broche as well.

  4. Pls if you’ll make a video on how to do it kindly send me the link. Pls? Thanks! Its for my friend

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