Chocolate dipped Madeleine French cake

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My obsession (and love) for these Madeleine French Cakes started a couple of years back, since then I have been very addicted to them and my Starbucks trip wouldn’t be complete without it. Recently Starbucks added another version of this french cakes, this time, it is half-dipped in chocolate. I had it this morning for the very first time and it’s actually really good. Part of this story is another installment of my Starbucks guy crush story.

I ran into him today while walking back to my apartment from work. He was on his gym clothes, all black track suits, and a black duffel/gym bag. He always hse that big sparkly smile, which I think is absolutely adorable. It’s funny how thinking about it now, makes the whole incident play in my head in slow motion (cheesy much??). He smiled at me and nodded, just a quick assurance that he recognized me.

I went home, got ready for school, and headed out. As soon as my class was over, I went straight home and walked downtown again like I always do. On the next street parallel from the street we bumped into earlier, here he is again, walking the opposite direction, and once again, our path crossed. He said hello and ask how my day was, I politely smiled and said “I am alright, just going home from school” he smiled and said “I bumped into you everywhere” .. I really wish he doesn’t think I follow him around like a stalker.

PS: I still don’t know his name.

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  1. That=AWESOME!
    If that were me I’d probably read too much into it and totally sabotage myself!
    Can’t wait to hear about the next time you guys “coincidentally” bump into each other

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