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I used to always think that CHAPTERS is for big geeks, I believe you call them bookworm, who loves to read and read all the time — about smart things, but then I realized, they don’t just have boring books and encyclopedias, they have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

I now religiously drag myself to the one near my workplace — and on my way home, another reason besides just loving to strut around downtown dressed in something I think is fabulous. Besides textbooks, they have a HUGE collection of Fashion Magazines you can pick up, sit down, look through — and even read. They even have tables and nice chairs you can lounge on.

I wanted to check out the latest issue of few of the magazines I regularly purchase and this gigantic magazine called “ShowDetails” was just peaking from the very back of the shelving. I’ve never seen it before, it could be a new magazine on the block, It’s literally like 2 regular-sized magazine put together, super wide.. it’s even bigger than the W-Mag or V-Man, but it does have great photos, very detailed, and they do cover a wider range of designers… for a dashing $$$125, I thought it was a ridiculous price to spend on JUST a magazine, although I do spend a little less than that on my Fashion-Reads, I mean that covers 3-4 magazines.

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