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This photo symbolizes a big future ahead. I’m ready to see what’s out there, yes there will be darkness but like this photo, there are lights all over and a wide horizon ready for me to explore.

The biggest change in my life will happen within the next few days. I AM MOVING OUT of home. You know that feeling when you go to a school trip where you will be away from home for a couple of days or so — or that time when you attended a band camp/band trip — it’s the exact the same feeling, except that this will be for a longer period of time or even maybe forever, who knows. I love my family and i love being with them, but i need to grow and this decision will help me do that.

as expected, it will be a big challenge for me and i am well aware of that, I’m taking it all in and I’m ready! I am just very excited now of what life has in store for me. Everything seems to be going into the right places lately and lots of opportunities and doors are slowly opening up. This is it! I’m in the very middle of journey, and I am just stoked to see where to go next and how far I can go.