Chai latte tastes like crap.

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so it’s my day off, and I kinah didn’t wanna waste it by sitting and resting my ass home the whole day, so I agreed to pick up Kamile & Roxanne from work today. then we plan to go for a coffee and/or dinner after.

We debated which coffee place to go, we kinah had ENOUGH OF STARBUCKS, so we decided to try something else… we ended up going to BEANS AROUND THE WOLRD or something. I grab an *iced chai latte* and boy was it a BIG mistake. It tasted like some herbal tea I used to drink when I’m sick. EeeKKKkkk 😮

anywayzz, we haven’t seen each others pretty faces for 3weeks. and we’ll i can’t lie, I miss them very mucho.

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So I had a usual dramaton with Kamile, her, telling me dramas, and me telling her bits of my own dramas and random stories, random things. it varies from personal problems, to what color to wear and her shoes(?)

sometimes, I don’t even get to tell her some of my many stories anymore, because, let’s just say they are ‘expired’.. or they are stories that are already forgotten. anyhow, we still had a blasts catching up.

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TOO BAD Roxanne winded somewer else then went home! but we plan to chill again tmr.

PS. WHAT IS UP with us tryin to do kissing pose WAY too much?!!

One thought on “Chai latte tastes like crap.

  1. lol. how can you say chai latte tastes like crap if youve never had crap before…or have you…?


    but ofcourse, i have to do my laundry first.

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