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I was interviewed by Paul of, a growing company specializing in Men’s clothing and accessories. Here’s the transcript.

I managed to grab a chat with M’C Kenneth Licon AKA Little Fashionisto yesterday. With a constantly growing fan base on Lookbook, I spoke to him about standing out with colour, his favourite accessories and a lot, lot more. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

So How long have you been into fashion?
I’ve always been very into the fashion world, but I guess I’ve only gotten fully exposed to it when I started earning money… and finally going shopping for myself!
Before that, my parents would take us to “SEARS, THE BAY” (it’s like the Canadian version of Target and Macys) or any big superstore-like shopping centre. That was around 4-5yrs ago.

So where do you normally buy your clothing and accessories from? And being 5 Foot 1, do you ever have any problems when buying?
A LOT OF PROBELEMS!! I buy them everywhere really… Zara Kids, H&M Kids and Gap Kids. A lot of my T-Shirts are from Womens! And my shoes too. I buy some accessories from vintage shops, then the rest are things I make or I “DIY.” I wear a lot of things i’ve altered, or stuff from my mom, dad or sisters closets!! I steal their clothes and sew, glue and bead them, making them my own!

I bet your family love you stealing your clothes!
My feet are size 5 mens as well! And here in Canada (Vancouver) they NEVER have that.. So I have to buy kids shoes as well! Canadian sizes are HUGE and even something that is labelled XS would still be too big for me!

Kids shoes! WOW! I guess this is what really makes you your own individual, your creating a style using clothing regular men don’t use! Your looks also seem to include a lot of colour, how important do you think the use of colour is to help make you stand out from the rest of the crowd?

As a child I used to do a lot of art, colouring and painting. So I believe I have very good exposure in combining colours. I experiment and I always trust my instinct (and my eyes.) Colour can play a BIG role in an outfit.. You might have the perfect PIECES… and the colour story doesn’t come together… then you wont make justice to the individual pieces. They will look lost and out of context.

Can you give some advice to people who are looking to experiment with Bright colours but are scared to?
My advice is to keep trying. Check out some ads, magazines, websites and observe the colour scheme used. Most importantly, always try to have a neutraliser when combining colour! Such as black, navy, brown, grey, beige. A neutral colour is used to balance and quiet down the bright colours. One you know and you get comfortable using neutralisers, then you can start playing without them, as in just using strong colours.

Great advice there! So with summer here now, what advice can you give to people to look there best? I saw some dude wearing sandals and socks earlier! Surely not a good look?
I guess be loose, comfortable and wear something breath-y. Try to look effortless and use happy colours. They look great under the sun, and you right, sandals and socks are a big no no!

How about sunglasses? Whats your favourite style. I saw some wayfarers in a few of your looks.
The classic wayfarer and the aviator. Someone stole 2 of them from me, I didnt have enough allowance to re buy 2 of them so i’m stuck with the wayfarers! Rayban that is, but I also bought a clubmaster.

What importance do you see accessories as and what kind of accessories do you own? Do you own a man bag?
I own few man bags, and a man’s clutch inspired by the D&G spring/summer10. Accessories are like the cherry on top, I use them to tell a story. When the outfit is too quiet, I defiantly aim to make it talk with the accessories.

If you were to recommend one accessory, and one piece of clothing to buy this season what would it be?
No brainer, i’d have to say a classic pair of sunglasses. Preferably Mo Studs or Rhimestone, so they are timeless. Not only because it’s summer but also u can wear them in the fall winter too

How about clothing?
Clothing for this season has to be plain T-Shirts, or the ones that have a plunging neckline. They elongate your neck and they come in huge variety of colours, also when winter comes and yo can use it as undershirt.

Nice and easy! Whats next for you? What have you got lined up?
I have another interview on the line for a brazilian fashion magazine, i’m still running my blog and going to be doing more youtube videos. A T-Shirt brand wants me to design T-Shirts for them too!

Fantastic! Thank you for your time, its been great talking to you. Is there anything you’d like to add?
A short message to all the shorties out there or people that are discouraged because they don’t fit off the rack clothing. Don’t lose hope, there are many ways to work with your body type. Thank you!

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