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Being the one man show that I am, it is no surprise to a lot of my readers that I do everything from picking the outfit, to photographing myself, down to editing the photos before they appear on my blog. Go behind my lens and take a look how that process works. Watch me get ready as I fix my hair, pick the pieces for the look, and even a quick tour of the set. You can also expect some posing and NEVER BEFORE SEEN craziness galore as I pose for the camera.


2 thoughts on “Behind the lens

  1. Do you film yourself like in the video and then capture the picture that way or do you use a timer? By the way, you’re really good at styling, I’d hire you! Props on the Jonas music! BUENO BUENO (:

  2. Hi Bree,

    The video was all done to show my readers the process I have in taking my photo — I had to pretend I had the timer on, taking shots — but it’s really a video.  For my photos though, I use the timer capture image option.  Although the video quality is superb on my camera, a still-shot is still different.

    ahaha.and the Jonas song, randomly picked, glad you like it. Let’s work on a project!

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