Back in Baby’s Arms

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Due to the snow storm in Toronto when I left, and a very last minute meeting with Bobby Raffin, I was once again, late to check in for my flight back to Vancouver. Thanks to the awesome staff at westjet, I was able to make it. However, my luggage was checked in together with the oversized baggages. I arrived in Vancouver around 10pm. I was called in, airport P.A. and all that (not the first time it happened). I was told my luggage wont come in until the next morning because it was checked in late. Luckily, they will be delivering it to my doorstep the next morning so that saved me a trip back to the airport.

I forgot that I have my computer shoved in that luggage, so my whole night was spent sleeping. Although taking a much needed rest after a long flight was amazing, it felt a bit strange not having my computer. I’ve become so accustomed that almost all projects I do at home involves using a computer.

My luggage arrived on Sunday morning, just in time for me to take it to the Apple Store for some minor repair — which was scheduled last week, but was easily forgotten due to all the preparation done for my trip to Toronto.

Fast forward Monday evening, I picked it up after work and my baby and I are reunited! So I’m back to my blogging work.

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