Baby it’s cold outside

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It started snowing more in Vancouver today.. so the whole rooftop patio is covered with snow.

I managed to still take some lookbook photo though before it started snowing again.

Looking at this photo now, it’s very androgynous, and looking through my gallery, I realize that I tend to play a lot with masculinity and femininity of the clothes — or sometimes I combine them both, I guess that’s what you get when you buy clothes from boys, girls, mens, womens… seriously though, my closet it filled with different things from different departments.. God I even have Jones NewYork (which some might consider as slightly grandma-ish)

anyways.. enjoy!.. I had fun shooting this look…

PS. I just found out that I have been nominated for Cravats BEST personality blog award. now I need YOUR HELP!

click this link then scroll down a little to BEST PERSONALITY BLOG.. then you’ll see me “”

every vote counts so please help me out guys. Voting end on Dec 24th. Thanks…

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