Another sunshine.

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I had a quick reunion with the girls last night. Happy Birthday again Roxanne. It seriously made my night. My day was pretty sucky already and I didn’t let it get to me. My body wasn’t cooperating but I had to be persistent, I just had to go.

I worked in the morning and as soon as I walked in the store, I found out one of my closest friend at work got in a car accident with her mom… and I couldn’t believe it, I was terrified, I didn’t wanna ask if she was ok because I wasn’t ready for whatever the answer might be, so i just assumed and stayed positive that everything was alright.

I was worried to death the whole day, I was just with her the day before, and I was just with her mom and dad not even a week ago. I tried to cheer up a little and hid my agony, people seem to noticed how different I was that day and kept asking if I was ok…

How will I be fine, I have someone i really care for in the hospital, not knowing what her condition is. I was just hoping she’s safe… I can’t ask for anything more than her being safe and healthy.

GET BETTER SOON Ivy, I’ll miss our coffee meetings, but we’ll do it again when things get better.

One thought on “Another sunshine.

  1. awww kenneth!

    Thank you once again for being persistent!

    I hope your friend Ivy is doing well..
    HOpe to talk to you or see you soon!!!

    Everyday there’s always a sunshine

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