Afternoon Stroll

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I wore this look the other day while strolling down on Brooklyn Bridge with Bobby. I have been itching to wear this glittered socks from TOPSHOP but I haven’t found the perfect time to sport them out. I love how it compliments the matte texture of my mint sweater, which I got from mom’s closet again. It’s a rather simple look from what I would usually go for, but since flying to NYC only allowed me to take a small fraction of my closet, I have a very limited pieces to work with at the moment.

The jacket and the backpack is new to my closet as you may notice. I recently purchased this jacket at Zara boys on Fifth avenue, close to Lincoln Center. I just couldn’t take how cold it was that day and as per usual, I wasn’t dressed appropriately for the weather.

I am currently in love with my leather backpack I got from Apartment Five (Apt-5). It’s small enough to look good on my torso, yet it’s big enough to fit everything I carry around with me. It’s simple, it’s got the main compartment and a single pocket on the front. The new Board of Trade Co. on Gastown, Vancouver carries the brand and have more awesome selection of them in stock so check them out when you’re in town.

Sadly, our afternoon stroll wasn’t all that fun since I lost my wallet. Everything in there is pretty much replaceable — It’s just a little worrying knowing that someone out there might have my wallet and who knows what will they do to my ID’s and credticards. But you know what though, I choose to focus on the bright side. I lost my iPhone in Berlin last year and yes! that was a bummer but I got over it. New York City has been great so far and I’m enjyoning getting lost an discovering my way back.


Mom’s turtleneck mint sweater, Quilted jacket and Trousers from Zara kids, socks from TopShop, Sunglasses from Fossils, and watch from TRIWA, shoes from Dr. Martens


Thanks Bobby for taking my photo

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