ADFM Stylist’s Pick

- Fashion

Holiday is just around the corner and I’ve got my picks for you from theADFMstore. Beside from being a littleFashionisto, I also have a huge appreciation for anything architecture and design. It will be very evident from the photo above/list below.

1. Place Striped in Black socks, $15
2. Product Design by Laurence King, $31
3. Ill Sunomo Pants by Lifetime, $69.99
4. Zydney Bag by Cheap, $60
5. Carbon Chrono Watch By Triwa, $210
6. Feel OK by Stefan Marx, $268
7. Julian Bow Tie by Cotton Treats, $30
8. Pantone PostCards by Pantone Inc., $19.95
9. Banksy: Locations and Tours by Martin Bull, $25
10. Design Diaries by Laurence King, $40
11. Abstract Crewneck by N4E1, $90
12. I’m waiting for my Man Print by Viktor Hertz,$69.00
13. Novel in Black/Tan by Herschel, $80
14. Kabakuro by Ryo Honda, $30
15. Pullover Shawl by B:Scott, $235
16. Noble Haircut in Popular Music Print by Pop Chart Lab, $25