a little sunshine.

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UrGGgg… i just checked the weather for tomorrow about 3mins ago, and according to GOOGLE-weather, it will be a little sunny…. as of the moment, everything just changed and now it said it should be a little cloudy. SEE, THIS IS WHAT i mean when i say i have to leave Vancity… lol, weather is very indecisive… one minute you have a shinning bright sun, and then with just a blink of an eye, it will be pouring rain.(or snow!)

I did come up with a very cute outfit for tomorrow though. I don’t know but I notice some changes in my wardrobe lately. I guess I am just so getting tired of *shirts-and-ties-(plus a sweater) combo. I mean, it’s very typical and predictable.

I made use of this bag i have long time ago, from GAP. they tie in pretty well with the whole concept… Euro-chic

2 thoughts on “a little sunshine.

  1. please please let’s move to europe?
    or at least not be ambitious, new york?
    and then we can dress however we wish without less people discriminating
    and more people appreciating!…?

    i love the weather though. it’s unpredictable, its challenging.
    anyways, get together, shall we?
    perhaps you’re lacking some drama in your life?
    live vicariously through me, ’cause i have plenty. :gossip:

  2. hey bud i actually just got a job at zara club monaco and armani exchange so i don’t know which one i am interested in staying at…

    tell me your experience at zara if u get a chance at bampion@hotmail.com

    i was at first leaning towards zara until i found out their discounts suck.. and club monaco has way better discounts

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