A little casual today

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It’s nice and sunny out today, I’m a little surprise that we’re getting this weather early February. I finally got to wear my sunglasses for the right reason, NOT BECAUSE I’m covering some heavy and saggy eye-bags.

5 thoughts on “A little casual today

  1. Little fashionisto, you are the best!!! My friend just turned me on to you, and I’m so glad she did. Keep up the amazing creativity, you will be discovered in a minute and everyone will be following your style!

  2. oh thanks, I do graphics and web design. that’s the geeky side of me. lol

    glad u find it amazing =D


  3. Love seeing men w/ incredible style. I’m so used to seeing female fashion bloggers, so finding out about you on TheEyeline.Ca & now reading your blog, is very refreshing. 🙂

    xo Nicole

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