A little bit of 90s

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I have been feeling a bit uneasy lately, mainly because I’m still currently dealing with a mild case of jet-lag from my recent trip to the East coast, aka New York and Toronto. It’s very strange because I have traveled to Europe before, and of course, to Asia where the time difference is more than 8 hours, and yet I don’t think I’ve experienced this sort of feeling before. My eyes are just tired and ready to shut, while my whole body wants to go out and enjoy the recent sunny days we’ve been having here in Vancouver.

After curling up on my bed for a good few minutes the other day, I decided to give in and step out. I literally put on what I could gather from my closet as fast as I can. The result is a little different from what I would normally wear. Regardless, I went with it and just rocked it — like the coolest 90s baby than I am.




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