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This look is basically the same as my previous one, obviously without the second shirt worn as skirt.

I’m always very confident of what I wear BUT SOMETIMES, there are ‘dingy’ area of Vancouver, where the possibility of me getting gay-bashed is very high (I know, sad) — and being so tiny, I do not think I am capable of protecting my self when such unfortunate incident occurs. So whenever I am wearing something a little, let say — controversial/unusual, I would remove a piece or 2 while passing a scary area — then put them back on when I’m at work or at a safer area already — walking home at night tho, I always have to take the colorful pocket square away, cuff down my short shorts and pull down the high-waist trouser. We’re not really talking about confidence and freedom of expression here anymore, I see it as being smart. Don’t get me wrong because I can take the bullying and insulting laughter, I’ve immunized myself to that, but when there’s physical bullying involve, it’s a different story.

It is very upsetting to think that I have to live with that fear, but it could be worst. I wish everyone can just be equal. It’s hard being gay already and for people to deteriorate anyone’s being is completely unfair and unkind.

Live and Let live.

7 thoughts on “The Gap

  1. wow, i’m brazilian and i thought that in other countries it was different, well, now i guess in every where this happens. I’m so sorry that people can be so stupids.
    Love your style btw =)

  2. Yeah at least Vancouver is better than, say, Texas. Imagine how intolerant they’re there! Keep doing your thing man, your doing great!

  3. i’m really feeling your outfit and the shirt is awesome…i live in a rough neighborhood and me being super skinny and known for dressing flashing alot of people tried to bash me but i learned how to protect myself by channeling that confidence in my outfits to that confidence in myself and face those bullies head on…. keep on being yourself fasonisto

  4. hey mcken
    hope alls good.
    drop by sometimes ya? =]
    miss u lots

  5. I’m sorry your fear is so real for you…. But never the less…. This look is extremely flawless and the glasses. INsane. New fan. I found you because of fyseanopry over on tumblr. Good luck!!!! 

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