5 Recurring Trends

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Biker Chic Top 5 Recurring Trends

With Christopher Bailey studding the runway with biker chic for spring / summer2010 collection for Burberry, the reintroduction of the trend leaves fashion followers unable to resist the call of the shrunken leather vest with studded asymmetric collars and the inevitable bad boy vibe it exudes. The successful styling of the Burberry collection leads us to expect further sightings of this ravishingly sexy look. Though the jacket itself will remain ever the iconic garment, we can expect to see it intelligently paired with a different set of accessories and clothing, depending on one’s personal style.

Uniforms Top 5 Recurring Trends

The runway has been flooded with different takes on the “uniform”, be it nautical, military, band, etc. This has gone on for many seasons and each time they vary in polish and interpretation. Literal representation of uniforms such as band jackets and military boots continually resurface time and time again.

In the upcoming year we can hope to see faint hints of these trends hit the streets. With a minimal reference to the original uniform – a poorboy jacket with epaulets and contrast brass buttons – that effortlessly allude to the fit and feel of a band jacket.

Introduce these hints subtly; a quiet reference to the original will suffice. Instead of pairing an army green anorak with heavy military boots, opt to style with a lighter, more classic converse chukka boot or sneaker in cream or true white.

Dhotis and Harem trousers Top 5 Recurring Trends

What seemed to start out as an ode to Eastern ethnic garb has been fused with the clever way that denim trousers are slung low in rap culture. First seen in the streets of Tokyo, this fusion has now hit the runway as a substantial progression of the everyday trouser.

With elements such as tucked and pleated waistbands added to the elasticized hems, these trousers have redefined the proportions men and women have deemed proper for many years. Dramatic dropped crotches often feel too tribal or too avant-garde and should be left for the runway, however it should only be a matter of time before even this proportion will saunter down Main Street.

We’ve seen them worn by models as diverse as those of the Ann Demeulemeester show to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring collections. Each time, they are styled to play with the proportions that suit the look. To achieve an overall tailored feel, take a pair of dhotis with a slim fitted, structured leg – much like that of a cigarette pant – and pair it with a sleek blazer. Moreover, jersey versions that have better movement generally have elasticized waists and should be worn in a variety of heights, such as high on the waist or slung low below the hips to reinvent the silhouette’s proportions.
Cuffed Trousers

Cuffed Trousers Top 5 Recurring Trends

Influenced by styling from the runway, cuffing your trousers has been a big trend in 2010. You might have seen it done with many different types of trousers, heightened in different lengths, depending on ones personal preference and style.

This ankle-baring look has a polished yet casual feel that can easily elevate a simple outfit to a new style dimension. And when it is heavily dressed down, can allude to the bad boy days of duck’s tail haircuts and creeper boots.
The Return of Men’s Accessories

The Return of Mens Accessories Top 5 Recurring Trends

Although this style has always been the standard ‘go to’ look for many fashionistos out there, 2010 was a big comeback for bowties, pocket squares, colorful / patterned socks and suspenders, and it is expected to stick around this 2011. Suggested by collection after collection, ads and many other menswear references from 2010, men are getting more risky in pulling off these dandy accessories. This year, expect men to be more decorative and inventive in putting their accessories together. It will be a whole new different level of letting one’s personality show through.

article was written for Everyguyed 2010 Year Wrap Up with the help of my best friend Mickelli

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