How to rock a wrinkled shirt

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Vancouver weather is being a bit of a pain lately. I am so ready to just dive into summer and start wearing all my summer planned outfits, but the weather can still get pretty chilly — leaving me no option than to wrap up a little bit.

This is probably the only few times you are allowed to do wrinkled and slightly oversize shirt.

HOW TO ROCK a wrinkled shirt?

*dressy shoes
*semi dressy pants (in this case I have a dark denim washed jeans)
*slim cut/skinny trouser to compliment the “fullness” and oversize top
*Dressy pieces/elements, to contrast the ‘messiness’ and ‘casualness’ of the wrinkled top; in this look I have the dressy combed/styled hair, gold watch, dressy shoes, and leather portfolio clutch.

then you’re set to go! I guess the key is to have that conversation between dressy/semi casual — then you’ll get the right formula (I hope I explained this well)

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  1. Hey Kenneth — it was great seeing you at false creek today! You asked me to comment, so this is me doing exactly that! =D

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