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I finally “returned to my home here in Vancouver — packed my belongings — and MOVED OUT!” (come on, you should know where that quote is from)

I moved out 3 days ago and until now, my stuff are still a big pile of mess.  We (2 flat mates and I) only had a day off all together today, so we managed to clear up majority of the job to be done.  I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT that moving is/was this hard.  Everything was on the floor, there wasn’t even any space to move, boxes everywhere — and to top that off, there’s no WIFI either.  I have also been working 5days in a row, giving me no time to do any cleaning up and organizing.

I haven’t had a goodnight sleep since we move in to the new place because I don’t have a bed yet — and I slept on the floor with my blanket, WHICH gave me a back and neck pain the next morning.

But moving out isn’t all that bad.  The photo below is the view I have behind my glass wall.  It’s absolutely breath-taking and very different to what I am used to at home.

These next photos however are taken inside the loft.   

So those are a little preview of what our new place looks like.  I shall be posting more photos soon.

We finished up setting the kitchen today and the living room, so the only things left to do are our own individual belonging.  My clothes are still yet to be sorted out and organized but I am getting there.  I am so sorry for my lack of blog and photo entry lately, but don’t worry, I have a lot of little surprise to all my followers and readers as soon as I’m all settled in.  Like I mentioned earlier, we still don’t have an Internet connection and I have been having a very busy schedule.  I just finished doing another intern project (which is due today) and it’s almost 4am. I *right at this very moment* am staying at some local cafe with wifi so I can send my work to my boss.

PS: The swiss guy (I blogged about here) who I went out with on a date a week ago works at the coffee shop I am in right now.

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