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in pajamas, long tshirt, a hoodie and socks with sandals, there i was, a walking fashion faux paux… strutting my way to the emergency room, everyone looked.. and grinned, or maybe even laughed, but I didn’t care. who else do you know can do a runway walk with a Nuri virus in their system?

a whole day of vomiting and diarrhea, with nausea, dizziness and headache. I have never been, in my life, ever had to go through a very serious illness like this. I would close my eyes, and with opening it comes a spinning ceiling which would then push everything I have on my intestine out.. either from vomiting… or the not-so-glamorous one, diarrhea.

Eating was impossible, because I’d throw it up anyways after 10mins, or even 5, BUT I had to do it anyways — to avoid getting dehydrated. But time comes, and I feel weaker and weaker.. my head still spinning… endless vomiting — very traumatic experience.

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