Zach Efron on GQ, AGAIN!~

- Style

I guess this HighSchoolMusical guy is making a loud roar in the mens-fashion world. He’s been in the cover 2times as I can remember, and he did few photo spreads already… question is… IS HE GOING TO DO ANOTHER one for GQ?

I was just checking out right now and he has another spread. Doesn’t change much for me, still not a fan… although I love how they did his hair in this shoot.

is it just me, or his head is slightly bigger than it’s suppose to be in this picture, HELLO there graphics editing department? The suit is magnificent, I just knew they’d make him wear navy — since that’s almost the “IT” color for this season right next to Cobalt Blue.

however, this next picture is awesome… I like the composition and the color palettes. Linen blazer is fantastic every summer/spring, such a timeless piece… great thing to invest on.

and well hello there cropped suits? a lot of people, including the ones I know personally have raised their eyebrows to this concept… I mean, it is a small shake to the usual suits we know, but hey it isn’t bad.. it’s directional and PRACTICAL… I can see this coming back for next generations to enjoy.

NOW we all know celebrities LOVE LOVE LOVE to show off their toned bodies — not the best shot of Zac to do that. BAD BAD angle (which surprises me) this shot made him look 5’2 tall…whats with the midget-legs-curve? wonder who picked that photos to be published?