You’re invited

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Great Memories.
Great Mystery.
Great Countryside.
Great Escapes.
Great Castles.
Great Music.
Great Shopping.
Great Museums.
Great Sport.
Great Cities.

2012 is a great year to be in Britain — and you’re invited.

Precise, clever and very well thought of — what a great film from our British friends. Captivating and, what can I say, very inviting. I would perhaps add a few lines such as…

Great accent.
Great looking men.
Great designers.

but you know, that’s just me.

I have been planning a trip to Britain for quite some time now and 2012 sure is the perfect time to come down for a visit. The 2012 Olympics is happening and I can only assume a lot of great things are about to happen. This video makes me want to pack my bag and hop on a flight to London pronto! but we’ll see, I will pray hard on it and hopefully it’ll happen.

How about you? are you going to be in Britain this 2012?


3 thoughts on “You’re invited

  1.  I know you will be.  Whether you will be with me, we’re still yet to find out 🙂

  2. just got back from London Fashion Week… and loved every minute of you.. you need to go pronto!

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