wow. deja vu much

- Style

cheeu-cheeuu-cheeuu-CHECK THIS AWT!

it was around new year 09, when a good friend, Roxanne, taught me how to knit… AND then I started doing a scarf, then realize it will take me years to finish it… so I decided to make a NARROW scarf… then I got bored and realized it will still take a heck-of-a-long time to get a small scarf done… I want it PRESTO and something I could use right away…

and altho I already own a black-silk-skinny tie, and black-superskinny-leather- tie, I decided to just do another knitted-skinny-tie

and WALAAH… here it is,


I was checking the LATEST issue of GQ Magazine, and to MY surprise… there’s RALPH LAUREN sporting a black-narrow-knitted tie for their Black Label collection this season….

a couple more flips and I came across SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, with a grey narrow-knitted tie…

and near the end, you can see another narrow skinny tie on their “HOW TO” page.

even GQ’s stylist has the tie as a key piece (for spring/summer 09) on their website

— looks like I had mine 3months earlier, but I’ll see if I should be strutting them again this season.