When you wish upon a Star

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OMG. It was so much fun being Pinocchio for a day. Putting this look together was as much fun as when sporting it outside.

Thank God Pinocchio’s clothes are somewhat pieces I already have in my closet. Aside from the look, I also think I have his ‘boyish’ aura – not to mention my boyish height (I’m 5’1).

Nothing in this look was purchased specifically for the costume. I didn’t have a blue bow tie so I just used my mom’s cotton belt and tied it as a bow tie (it was a belt from one of her dresses back in the 80s – I wasn’t even born then).

I luckily found a pair of white gloves in my dad’s hardware cabinet (I had to wash it because it was a bit dirty. The short used to be mom’s old capri pants — I mainly just copped it off and cuffed the hem. I do have my own red shorts but that was a bit bloody red and it’s a bit loose on the waist — mom’s capri pants are the exact red I was looking for.

THE NOSE was a bit of a challenge. I was going to find a branch of tree and stick it/tape it on my nose but that didn’t look very realistic. Instead, I found a paper towel cylinder – I split it and altered the round a bit to make it pointy – I then wrapped it with masking tape – and then used a body paint to cover the tape texture. I did have a skin tone elastic to keep it from falling off of my face (but it was Photoshoped out in the photo)

The best part with this costume is, with my personal style and little styling twist, I can totally bend it to be an actual ‘outfit’ and not just a Halloween costume.

I hope you all had a great Halloween!!! Please Hype if you like it <3 I would really appreciate it. It's my official Entry to the Lookbook/American Apparel DIY Costume contest. Thanks.

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