Featured on Wannabe Magazine

- Online, Press

I just found out I was featured on a Serbian Online Magazine called WANNABE and they were basically talking about how I made the ‘band’ jacket wearable. Here’s the translation below courtesy of google translate:

Since I like to explore the Internet and in all possible domestic and foreign fashion blogs, I found somewhat interesting. It’s a boy, who has his own blog Little Fashionista. Impressed me with its authentic combinations. What I was most caught the eye of the blazer, which has on its shoulders straps with tassels. Just as they carry the lion tamer in a circus. I never thought it was very wearable and totally trendy. Since his blazer DIY project does not know if I have somewhere to buy such similar or approximate the blazers. Zara has released blazers that are like those that carried Michael Jakson, but it’s not that. So I decided to throw in search of the tassels or something, that I can have this blazer. I think it would be a big hit and I hope you will have someone from the designers to remember to make something like this. Let the circus begin