Walk with me in the city

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I apologize for the lack of update, I’ve been EXTREMELY busy last week; didn’t realize how behind I am with school + I still have to work + my intern which turned into a job.

So here it is, my come back look. This shoot was done for the briefcase by AlexFolzi (http://AlexFolzi.ca). The brand was meant to exude LUXURY and ELEGANCE, so I added pieces like faux-fur, bow tie, a classic trench, and a crisp cropped trousers.

The faux-fur creates a dynamic texture battle with the metallic pinned bow tie — this would’ve been a little over-the-top had the white shirt and gray sweater NOT been there to balance the look.

The color scheme is very minimal and neutral, that’s because Yellow itself is already a strong color (although not grounded to be matched with other colors)

I had the most amazing opportunity to work with amazing and talented photographers, Nan Li and Patrick Wong.

meanwhile, while shooting this, I had my ipod playing ‘Paris is Burning’ by LadyHawke — I remember to enter it to the 8track-LB collab contest.
The song playing helped me be in the mood for some serious series of posing, the song creates this imaginary world for me and it takes me there, where Fashion and music are in harmony.

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