Video LookBook 2010-06-09

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This is very monochromatic, the most basic color scheme really. It is still a bit chilly in Vancouver although it’s supposed to be summer now. The brooch was a quick D.I.Y. — I do it when I feel like I’m being TOO PLAIN, just to add a little spice and ‘popped’ to an outfit.

Track: Time Flies by Lykke Li (again)

5 thoughts on “Video LookBook 2010-06-09

  1. I want to know… Where is that T-shirt from??? I want to get one like that.
    I adore this Outfit !!!xxx From Spain

  2. Hi Efr,

    Thanks for your comment.
    I got it from Zara Woman. Yes it is for girls but I have a slightly
    feminine frame so it work out pretty well.


  3. @Benoni, Hi Benoni, Thanks for all your comment =D

    I am 21

  4. I´m in love with you boy!! 🙂
    I didnt know Lykke Li. This is the first time i am listening her music.And i loved that a lot. Sorry but my english is not good. I am make up artist here in Rio de Janeiro. I work with many famous people and top models. Congratulation about your “Littlefashionisto”. I love it all!!
    I´d like to be like you.Sometimes feel me ashamed to express my self but i see you as good exemple of corage.I´m so love with you. 🙂
    until the next time

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