My Valentines Date

- Style

February just hit our calendars and we all know it’s the month of love, as marketing strongly suggests so. For everyone who has a special someone, it’s definitely a month to look forward to, rest assured though — all the single ladies in the house aren’t very thrilled, including myself.

Valentines can’t be all that bad and to start the month, here’s something I did to make it more interesting, for me atleast (in spite the absence of a lover, of course).

If I were to have a date this Valentines day, this is ideally how my night would look like. *drum roll*

White roses (a must), Stretch Wool Tuxedo Jacket from D&G / Poplin Shirt from Dior Homme / Wool Trousers by Marc Jacobs / Calfskin Belt from Dior Homme / White Silk Satin Bow tie from D&G / Studded Leopard Loafers by GIACOMORELLI.

Dashing isn’t it? But that’s the little fantasy world I live in ladies and gentlemen. I will most likely spend Valentines day alone, watching a sappy romantic movie at home — over salsa and multigrain chips but I’ll make sure I look as dashing while doing it.